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Uninterruptible Power Systems, or UPS', ensure that when utility power is lost, you don't get left without power to your equipment.  


Manufacturers include APC by Schneider Electric and Eaton Powerware.




Data Centers and Facility (3 Phase)

Power Distribution

IT Air

Perimeter Room Cooling (21kW-150kW)

Perimeter air conditioning systems that duct the supply & return to and from the IT Load


In-Row Cooling (5.3kW-70kW)

Integrates with the IT rack architecture

Ultra-high efficiency due to being closely coupled to the heat load & variable speed operation

Air/water/glycol heat rejection options

Modular/scale-able/redundant design


In-Row Thermal Containment

Air containment systems designed to maximize cooling predictability, capacity and efficiency.

Allows for ultra-high density IT operations

Integrates with APC Netshelter IT Racks and APC In-Row Cooling.

See Video Here


D&B provides individually engineered generator systems for a wide variety of applications.


-Standby or Prime Systems

Natural Gas/Diesel/LP



D&B Project Management Capabilities:


1. Identify loads and compile a detailed engineering sizing report

2. Provide turnkey construction:


    -Mechanical (Natural gas/LP options)
    -Factory start-up
    -Crane service
    -Engineering Services

Surge and Transient

Power surges and transients are electrical fluctuations caused by lightning or other power utility issues. The surge or transient is conducted through both power and data lines and can damage or destroy downstream equipment. Vulnerable circuitry exists in an extremely hostile environment. A properly applied surge protector can prevent equipment damage, downtime, and data corruption.

D & B Power Associates, Inc. provides a wide range of surge protection equipment for various applications.

AC Power Line Protection

Data Line Protection


Emergency Lighting Inverters

Emergency lighting inverters provide battery backup for emergency lighting and exit signs. 

Power Line Conditioners

Power line conditioners provide equipment with clean, regulated voltage (but do not provide battery backup).   D& B Power Associates, Inc. supplies power line conditioners by Sola/Hevi-Duty.

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